The new money scales from hbw cash solutions - count money now

Money Scale

Are you looking for a way to count your cash with money counting machines and with the least possible maintenance? We offer you the solution - the new hbw money scales. With the money scales from hbw you can weigh banknotes and coins quickly and easily. Of course, our customary reliability should not be lacking here. For this reason, our money scales are equipped with the self-calibrating MS+ weighing system. Compared to money scales without self-calibration, the hbw money scales offer a measurably higher level of accuracy when weighing money. In addition, all deposit tokens, washing tokens and much more can be weighed or counted by using the free weighing function.

Another advantage: banknotes and coins are simply placed on it and not transported through the interior of the machine. This means that no sensors, turntables, rubber belts etc. get dirty or wear out and therefore hardly any service intervals are required. So you don't have to do without your little helper in your daily work. We would be happy to advise you on the operation and functions of our money scales.