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hbw cash solutions is an innovative provider of equipment for money processing systems. We are specialized in this field and therefor we can offer our customers a comprehensive technical and commercial support for the optimal arrangement of the entire money processing. Simply contact us, we are sure that we will find the right money counting machine or the matching coin sorter for you.

Safety at the use of a money counting machine

To ensure the security for you and your customers, we optimize periodically the counterfeit detection features of our money counting machines and counterfeit detectors. To detect the latest counterfeits and to react accordingly, we work together with the European Central Bank. Counterfeit is still a big issue that can cause a major financial loss for all companies that work with cash. Moreover, not only companies but also their customers are at risk, if the counterfeit notes should not be recognized and get back into circulation. Another advantage of cash processing systems is the saving of time (wage costs) for example, POS accounting. For every requirement there is a suitable counting device, whether mixed evaluation or sheet counter, batch function or addition function, with or without counterfeit detection. A money counting machine is worth the investment, find out by yourself.

Money counting machine in daily use

A money counting machine is not only to make the daily work easier, but also to increase the security. Thus incorrect counting result should be avoided with a money counting machine. In addition, the security at taking counterfeits will be enormously increased by the integrated counterfeit detection. Whether coins or banknotes need to be counted, the count security is an important part of the principle of money counting machines. For daily repetitive tasks, such as counting by hand, can quickly occur one or two mistakes in the heat of the moment. A money counting machine helps to restrict this source of error in one in a thousand. Also for reasons of hygiene, purchasing a money counting machine could be worthwhile. Admittedly, counting the money always carry the contact with cash, but there is a big difference if you have to count by hand every bill and every coin and thus get in contact with many bacteria or if merely the cash is inserted into the machine and remove it after the counting procedure. The use of a money counting machine can therefore have a positive effect at different levels for you.

Excerpt from our products

  • Pecunia BT 500 mobile - 109,00
  • hbw VC 6040 S - 599,00
  • hbw VC 10000 Euro - 1.890,00
  • hbw VC 4000 Euro - 849,00
  • hbw CC 5000 - 1.990,00
  • hbw compressed air cleaner B8 - 13,50
  • hbw VC 6040 SE - 799,00
  • hbw VC 4000 SE - 599,00
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