Update money counting machine

Banknote counters

Since 2013, new euro banknotes of the second "Europa series" have been issued gradually. It started with the 5 euro note and the other banknotes followed in ascending order up to the 200 euro note. The issue of the new euro banknotes brings with it many changes. All devices such as train ticket or cigarette machines have to be converted and updated for the new banknotes. So do some of our banknote counters. To make the changeover and the update as easy as possible for you, we have developed our EazyUpdate via USB stick. You can update your money counting machine yourself using an update stick. The great advantage of updating your money counting machine yourself is that the machine stays with you in the office, so there is no breakdown and there is no need to borrow a device. When you update your money counting machine with our USB stick, all relevant parameters are automatically transferred to the device and the settings are made so that the new euro banknotes can be counted and checked.