The new Swiss banknotes: Better late than never!
Now at the beginning the 50 CHF banknote was introduced on April 12, 2016

Banknote counters

Proud 11 years have passed since announcements of the new CHF notes. Since then a lively discussion about design, style and technical structure of the notes were made. 2007 there was the decision, that Manuela Pfrunder was chosen as the base for the new series. After some production difficulties, it was finally ready: The 50 CHF banknote appeared more or less in time, for the last-mentioned date, namely April 12 in 2016. In cooperation and associated with some tests for the latest models of hbw series but also for many older models, software was developed diligently. Our specialists realized this to our full satisfaction very quick and targeted. So now the update for the new 50 CHF banknotes is available for many models. Send us your non-binding update request at