Protect yourself against counterfeit money

Counterfeit detector

According to recent statistics, more counterfeit banknotes were in circulation in Germany in the first half of 2017. In total, approximately 9% more counterfeit money has been used in this period (compared to the second half of 2016). Although the second Euro series is to increase the security and reduce counterfeiting, however, there are always criminals who can not be deterred by new security features. For this reason, we recommend to consider the purchase of counterfeit detector or a banknote counting machine with integrated counterfeit detection. Counterfeits will not be replaced, thus false money in the inventory can mean an enormous loss.
Our products can reliably count and detect the first as well as the second Euro series banknotes. Focus not only on the banknotes, because also Euro coins are more often counterfeited than one initially assumes. From January to June 2017, the share of 2 Euro coin counterfeits will be over 80%. Again, the possible loss is clearly visible. But as well for this issue we want to offer a solution and facilitation to our customers. That's why we provide coin counter with integrated counterfeit detection. These detect e.g. with different alloy sensors, the genuineness of the coins.
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