New and reworked security features at the second euro series

Banknote counters

In order to increase the counterfeiting security of the euro, a few years ago it was decided to introduce a second euro series. The target of this "Europe series" is to aggravate counterfeiting due to new and reworked security features. Is your money counting machine already updated on new banknotes? Do not miss the update of your money counting machine. We advise you to carry out currency updates for your money counting machine on time. Especially the 50 Euro note is the most frequently counterfeit banknote with 61% in Germany. There is no compensation for counterfeit-banknotes, you can protect yourself by testing cash with a money counting machine or a counterfeit detector. Our expertise in the field of cash processing is also a great advantage for you as our customer: for example, we offer you an advanced and simple currency update for your money counting machine. So far the new euro-notes have been released according to each sort. Started with the 5€ note, continued with 10€ & 20€ and recently the 50€ bill. Now the 100 and 200 euro banknotes remain. It is expected, that they will be put into circulation together, at the end of 2018 and early 2019 respectively. Obviously, we are working to offer you a curency update to your money counting machine. Update your money counting machine very easily with our updating solutions.