The new 100 and 200 Euro notes


Since the 28th of May 2019 the new 100 Euro and 200 Euro note is in circulation. With their new security features, the banknotes should offer high protection and anti-counterfeiting security. For example, a yellow bar appears on the number of the banknote when it is tilted. Especially this feature is very difficult to fake and thus provide more protection in the field of cash. So that also we can protect you against counterfeit money, for example, we have developed software updates for our money counting machines and counterfeit detectors with which your money counting machine can reliably check and count the new euro banknotes. With our money counting machines and counterfeit detectors you can already prevent the acceptance of flowers and rely on having only accepted genuine bills. The new 100 and 200 Euro notes have the same height as the 50 Euro banknote. We also considered this in our updates of the money counting machines and counterfeits detectors. Since the 500 Euro note is drawn in step by step and is not renewed first, the amount of issued new 200 Euro banknotes has greatly increased. Previously, it was seen very rarely. Therefore, check each accepted banknote with a counterfeit detector to be sure that it is not a forgery. With us you will find pure counterfeit detectors but also money counting machines which with an integrated counterfeit detection. Talk to us, we are happy to advise you individually on your needs and wishes.