Maintenance of a money counting machine

Banknote counters

A money counting machine can support you during and after your work and relieve you of a lot of effort. Anyone who has worked with cash over a long period of time knows how dirty and dusty, for example, the cash register can be after a very short time. It is precisely this dirt that gets into your money counting machine while counting. Over time, it will stick to the feed rollers or sensors. As the pollution increases, the more likely it is that the money counting machine can no longer work correctly. Banknotes are pulled in at an angle, coins are sorted incorrectly or the cash is simply no longer recognized with dirty sensors. However, in order to always work reliably with your money counting machine, we recommend professional cleaning and maintenance of the money counting machine at regular intervals. This service is offered by hbw cash solutions and can significantly extend the life of your banknote and coin counters.