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Banknote counters

Since 2013, the European Central Bank published a new Euro Series to raise the security of euro banknotes as regards to the counterfeits. Actually the new Euro series of 5-, 10- and 20-Euro notes are in circulation. A few days ago, also the new 50-Euro banknote was introduced in Frankfurt. Even with the new 50-Euro banknote, the ECB would like to achieve a further increase in forgery. The exact issue date for the new 50-Euro banknote is not clear yet, however, the output is expected to take place in the spring of 2017. So that your hbw banknote counters and counterfeit detector will be able to identify, check and count the new 50-Euro banknote, our engineers are working hard to develop an update for your money counting machine for the new 50-Euro banknote. To avoid a prolonged outage of your money counting machine or your counterfeit detector, we also want to prepare our Eazy-Update till the new 50-Euro banknote will be in circulation. The Eazy-Update is a great solution for currency update in just 3 steps. The update capability and further information about the hbw Eazy-Update you can request by contacting us.