Count and detect the new 50 Euro Banknote

Banknote counters

In April 2017 the 50 euro banknotes of the Euro II series will be put into circulation. In order to be able to continue offering you easier work and security in dealing with cash, we have prepared an update for our banknote counting machines VC 10000 Euro and VC 10000 Plus for the new 50 Euro banknotes. After the software has been updated, you can continue to detect and count unsorted banknotes. The banknotes can also be sorted according to their direction and position, thanks to the integrated reject compartment without interrupting the counting process. The counterfeit detection features are tested for each banknote by the integrated detector. Particularly noteworthy is the image detection carried out via the integrated duplex scanner. Here, the image of the front and back of the banknote is scanned and compared with the desired data. With our know-how as well as the many years of experience in the field of money processing, we can achieve a precise counting and a high-quality counterfeit detection. If the banknotes diverge from the nominal data, it will be given out via the reject compartment, without interrupting the counting process.