With a counterfeit detector against counterfeit money

Counterfeit detector

The volume of counterfeit money has declined sharply in 2011: across Europe, a total of 606.000 counterfeited banknotes were secured from circulation. This corresponds to a decline compared to 2010, by -19,3%. It is the second best result since the introduction of the Euro and further evidence of the high standard of the security features of this currency. Likewise, the numerous counterfeit detectors help to recognize the counterfeits. The most common counterfeited Euro banknote is the 20 Euro note with 47,5%, the 50 Euro banknote with 32,5% and the 100 Euro note with 16%. The domestic share of all European counterfeits is 0,92%. Despite the declining flowers you should not do without counterfeit detector. Have a look at our website and find the suitable counterfeit detector.