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Count special tokens You are searching for a reasonable solution for counting your special tokens? Over the past decades, we are specialized in counting a wide range of special tokens. Thus, as a customer, you have the opportunity to contact our technical team and send us a test set of your special tokens. This allows us to extensively check, which machine is suitable to count your special tokens as best as possible. Usually our technicians ask about the exact area of application of the machine and how the counting process works. In order to reliably count special tokens, it is also important to know which quantities should be counted approximately each month. After you are asked to send us a test set of your special tokens, you will not be charged with any costs for checking whether and with which machine the special tokens can be counted. If the check is positive, you will also receive an individual offer for one or more machines that are able to count your special tokens.

Your solution simple explained:
Contact us with our Contact form send us an E-Mail
2. Our support employees will ask you to send us a representative test kit of your special tokens
3. Our technicians check which machine is suitable for counting your special tokens
4. You will receive an offer for a machine for counting your special tokens

You can also contact us if you want to count jetons or count thaler.