The BT 600: essential at the point of sale

Counterfeit detector

If one considers the figures of the counterfeits in circulation from the years 2016 and 2017, it can be seen that the proportion of the flowers has increased again this year. We recommend to consider the purchase of a counterfeit detector. Because a counterfeit banknote can get into the cashier more quickly than thought and in the worst case cause you a lot of less because counterfeits are not replaced. With our counterfeit detector BT 600, you can check the banknotes for safety features before accepting them. This counterfeit detector is suitable for the first and second series of euro banknotes, but also for various currencies, such as the Swiss francs. Our counterfeit detector BT 600 can also be used perfectly on the way because it has an integrated battery. Buy counterfeit detector for more cash security.