With a banknote counter you can save a lot of time

Banknote counters

If you work daily with cash and at the end of your working day you need to count, sort and possibly even check the money, then you know how time-consuming this can be. We recommend to use a banknote counter so that you and your staff can use this time more expediently but also get into the deserved after-work hours faster. The banknote counter is available in different versions. Whether as a single counter with or without counterfeit detection as well as a banknote counter with mixed counting and integrated counterfeit detection, you always save time. The banknote counter we mentioned can be found at hbw. The banknote counter count the banknotes and show you the result on the display at the end of the counting process. We are happy to advise you also to find the suitable banknote counter for you.