The high-tech banknote counters VC 10000 Plus

Banknote counters

Banknote counter VC 10000 Plus, a mixed value counter including banknote image scanner (duplex), valuation, reject pocket and four-time authentication. This banknote counter counts & checks banknotes. Banknote counters works at a countingspeed up one thousand notes per minute. Same time all major verifications are checked. Further advantages of device include hinged housing, which allows to open it, just pressing a button. Banknote counter also features Intelligent Messaging System (IMS), that means errors codes belong the past. Now for system messages a German sentences on graphic display. Bill counters VC 10000 Plus has a software connection with counting results can be integrated into existing softwaresystems through interfaces. So you save hours because manual data entry eliminated. Banknote countermachine supported two currencies. When ordering, choose between EUR & CHF or EURO & USD.