Price reduction for the counterfeit detector BT 500

Counterfeit detector

Through optimized production processes, we were able to use higher-quality components in the counterfeit detectors internal life, as well as permanently lower the price of the counterfeit detector by 20,00 Euro. Now the counterfeit detector, which is certified for its safety by the German Federal Bank, is now for just 89,00 Euro net. You can also check with this device Swiss Francs, British Pounds and Swedish krona. In addition to the usual counterfeit detection, e.g. the ultraviolet test, the magnetism test and the infrared test also the paper test integrated into the device. If you would like to update your counterfeit detector regularly with a new software, you can also order the updatable BT 500 update version. This banknote counterfeit detector is used on the road and is therefore also available with battery operated. Just look at our shop, it's worth it.