Decrease of counterfeited 20-Euro banknotes

Counterfeit detector

In 2015 around 95.400 counterfeit Euro banknotes were withdrawn from circulation in Germany alone. Looking at the amount of counterfeit money in the last 10 years in Germany, 2015 was by far the largest number of counterfeits. The 20-Euro note is involved with proud 40%. However, the latest reports and statistics show that 2016 were much less counterfeited 20-Euro-Banknotes in circulation. Within a year the share from 40% to about 25% has almost halved. This decrease could be due to the issuance of the second Euro series. This is to increase the counterfeiting security due to new security features. However, around 9% more counterfeit money was in circulation in the first half of 2017 (compared to the second half of 2016). Protect yourself against counterfeit-money by detecting banknotes before accepting with a counterfeit detector. In our assortment you can find banknote counters and counterfeit detectors which can check Euro.