Expanded assortment at Pecunia with the coin counter M3 Pro EUR

Coin counter

With great pleasure we present our new coin counter M3 Pro EUR. With this coin counter you can count about 340 coins per minute. With a hopper capacity of ca. 500 coins, for example, the coin counter M3 Pro EUR can count your cash desks and also show the final resut after the counting process. A helpful additional function of our new coin counter is the possibility to print the counting result. This means that you can record all the counts for your billing. The result is shown very clear, on display & printout, by the listing of each individual variety with respective quantity (e.g. 72x2€; 53x1€; 47x0,50€; 46x0,20€; 80x0,10€; 66x0,05€; 102x0,02€; 46x0,01€) as well as the total result (e.g. 243,50€). The coin counter M3 Pro EUR is also very well suited for the preparation of cash registers for the following shifts. You can set a desired batch size for each individual coin type. When this quantity is reached, the coin counter pauses the counting process with a sound signal. The affected coin type is indicated by flashing on the display. With the Pecunia M3 Pro EUR coin counter, you can easily handle several tasks in just one process - count coins, sort coins, record value and quantity of the coins, batch coins, counting coins, and finally recording the result on paper. For further questions or interest in our coin counter M3 Pro EUR or in general to our products: coin counter, banknote counter and counterfeit detector, please contact us. Our employees will advise you competently and suitably to your needs and requirements.