Not only counterfeited banknotes in circulation

Coin counter

If one speaks of counterfeit money, then usually the banknotes first comes into the mind. Unfortunately, not only Euro banknotes get counterfeited but also Euro coins are affected. Particularly, gladly the 2-Euro coin is copied by the counterfeiters. Even with counterfeit coins, the loss can be very high. For this reason, we would like to offer a reliable solution as well as to protect you against counterfeit hard money. Our coin counter PC 8000 has an authenticity test which can be realized with special alloy sensors. If a coin that has been tested does not correspond to the target values, this is output to the intended Reject container. All other coins are sorted into their corresponding coin pocket. You can then print the result of the printout using the integrated printer. The individual coin pieces are displayed with the number and the respective value, the number of coins in the reject container and the sum of the total counting process. If you work with large amounts of coins every day, our coin counting machine PC 8000 is a professional companion for cash handling. Because not only work facilitation, but also security play a steady role in the daily handling of coins.