Cash check 2018


With our new MNZ-counting-software, you can record your counting results and then directly print and export them. This allows you to keep an eye on your cash balance and keep track of the money movements. This can help you a lot with an unannounced check of the tax office. Because since 2018, a new regulation has come into force with respect to the cash register. For example, tax officials may appear without notice to the opening hours of a business and require a submission of all documents, books and records - The cash check. If it is not possible for the person concerned to state all cash movements without gaps, expensive additional payments may be threatened on the basis of estimates by the tax office. With our MNZ-counting-software and selected money counting devices such as the coin counting machine PC 8000 EUR or banknote counting machine VC 10000 Euro you can count your cash as well as detect for counterfeits but also record the counting result with our MNZ-counting-software and then export it.