Counterfeit detector: Check banknotes with the electronic counterfeit detector BT 500

Counterfeit detector

In order to meet the latest requirements with our counterfeit detectors, we are constantly updating and further developing the technology, as well as the sensor technology of our counterfeit detector devices. Our newest model of note tester is the BT 500, this counterfeit detector has been refined and is now even more efficient for recognizing counterfeit Euronotes. In addition, the banknote counterfeit detector is also suitable for several foreign currencies. Due to its compact design, this device is ideal for money checks at the cash desk and its look is a real eye-catcher. Obviously, the refined BT 500 is available in several models. There is the BT 500 as a standard model, as an updatable version or as an updatable model with battery. Discover our products for counterfeit detection or call for advice - your Pecunia team.